6 Unique Characteristics of the Jockey Club Community Channel

As the operating organisation of the Jockey Club Community Channel (jccc.hk), Social Career is excited to introduce 6 unique characteristics of jccc.hk to you all for making good use of the resources of this community channel! 1. What is the Jockey Club Community Channel (jccc.hk)? jccc.hk is a comprehensive online publishing platform created and funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and operated by Social Career. The community channel allows NGOs and community partners to share the latest information and activities, as well as a wide range of digital resources with the public, ranging from e-learning materials and

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Committed to fighting against COVID-19 – Hand Sanitizer Sharing Scheme for Tenement Buildings in 18 Districts

The name of the “Build & Wish Volunteer Team” has a special meaning. First, the volunteer team hopes to “build” an ideal home environment for elderly living alone and people in need; Second, it hopes to bring “wish” and blessings through parent-child volunteers. Since its establishment in mid-2015, it has a number of projects, including “Optimized Home Furnishing”, “Second-hand Furniture Transfer Service”, “Bugs Control Service”, “Caring Drivers Programme” and “Little but sincere crowd funding”. Since March 2020, the Build & Wish Volunteer Team has launched the project “Hand Sanitizer Sharing Scheme for Tenement Buildings in 18 Districts” during the peak

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Help Me See 香港助視會

Why should we be concerned about cataract?

Volunteer Translator: Yam Cheung; Volunteer Photographer: Ms Cheung   Cataract is not a serious health issue in Hong Kong, but it is the most common cause of blindness in many developing countries like China and India. HelpMeSee (founded in 2010) is a US-based nonprofit organization which aims to train doctors for performing manual small incision cataract surgery (MSICS). It is a solution to improve the conditions of numerous cataract patients in developing countries. The cost of MSICS is less than phacoemulsification. Nevertheless, they are facing several difficulties. For example, the communication barrier and labor shortage existed in poor and remote

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Doctor BB

Volunteer Translator: Ronald Fung   When we hear “doctor” and “volunteer”, maybe we can think of “Doctors without Borders”, a group of healers use their professional knowledge to provide obligatory medical service around the world where need help. Most people with no medical or health care related training will never think they can become a “volunteer doctor”.   Have you ever thought a baby can be a volunteer doctor? There is a TV program called “Volunteer Movement (義想天開)” with the latest episode “Baby Angel” broadcasted on 23 Dec (RTHK TV31). This story is based on an NGO’s service “Doctor BB” which

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社職新劇推介 義想天開

New TV Show Recommendation – The Journey of Volunteering (義想天開)

Volunteer Translator: Poon Wai Lam Ida   What do we celebrate every December? Apart from the widely celebrated Christmas, the United Nations also celebrates the International Volunteer Day on December 5! As the saying goes, “Christmas is the time to love.” Even though we can volunteer on whatever day we desire, you cannot miss this chance during December to spread affection.   Since December is the National Volunteer Month, different volunteering organizations are working closer than ever to encourage people to volunteer. As an example, Social Career is going to organize the “Social Career Volunteer Day 2018” on December 2, 2:00

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Fair trade in Hong Kong

Volunteer Reporter: Alva Chan; Volunteer Translator: Candy Chow   Fair Trade minimizes the exploitation of producers. It provides a safe workplace for workers and farmers in developing countries and ensures a fair return for their labor. Fair Trade enables a respectable livelihood, creates a balanced relationship between producers and businesses, reduces environmental degradation and enables a sustainable, just society.   The origin of Fair Trade Hong Kong In 2002, Oxfam started to promote fair trade but only minimal impacts were created as the issue was rather unfamiliar to Hong Kong society. Not until a World Trade Organization meeting was held in

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