Living in the Pandemic with the Positive Energy of Volunteers

The COVID-19 outbreak has struck since January, causing many volunteer services to be cancelled or postponed. According to the data extracted between January and May from Social Career, the elderly and children-related volunteer services were the most affected, which normally account for 60% of the overall volunteer opportunities. It also implied recipients in need of services could not get help during this difficult period. Fortunately, volunteers have found alternative methods to help those in need with their passion and resilience in the face of adversity. “Work from Home” and “Online Learning” are new terms that everyone familiar with in 2020.

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Committed to fighting against COVID-19 – Hand Sanitizer Sharing Scheme for Tenement Buildings in 18 Districts

The name of the “Build & Wish Volunteer Team” has a special meaning. First, the volunteer team hopes to “build” an ideal home environment for elderly living alone and people in need; Second, it hopes to bring “wish” and blessings through parent-child volunteers. Since its establishment in mid-2015, it has a number of projects, including “Optimized Home Furnishing”, “Second-hand Furniture Transfer Service”, “Bugs Control Service”, “Caring Drivers Programme” and “Little but sincere crowd funding”. Since March 2020, the Build & Wish Volunteer Team has launched the project “Hand Sanitizer Sharing Scheme for Tenement Buildings in 18 Districts” during the peak

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DIY Mask by Take a Break

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a shortage of funding for epidemic prevention materials, and in particular, masks required by vulnerable groups to stay safe and healthy. In light of the lack of emergency supplies in Hong Kong, Take a Break’s volunteers wish to recruit a group of dedicated volunteers through the Social Career platform to make cloth masks and distribute them to those in need through the "Social Career GIVING" program. All beneficiaries will individuals referred by Social Career’s NGO partners.   Reason for self-initiate the DIY cloth mask project   Last year, Take a Break’s volunteer team implemented

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people stay strong and health tips

Stay strong and we are all in this fight together against disease

In light of the recent increase in the number of confirmed and suspected Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection cases, a number of our NGO partners have had to postponed/ cancel their service programs in the coming weeks and notified volunteers via email/ phone. Please contact the organizing NGO directly if you are unsure whether you are required to attend the service.   The health and safety of our volunteers and service recipients is our top priority. We appreciate your support at this challenging time for our NGO partners and the vulnerable groups in the city. Besides participating in service programs, you can initiate projects that

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Professional Volunteers – A Strong Benevolent Boost to Our Workforce

In their highly passionate interest to serve those in need our volunteers devote their time, energy and their specialties to help the underprivileged. Now in Hong Kong, more and more volunteers committedly adopt such a means of social contribution. And, many regard it as their second career. Such endeavour not only enhances their self-esteem and values but also expand their social circles. By the same token, many non-government organisations (NGOs), now, are also seeking a wider range of professional volunteers such as physiotherapists, wheelchair technicians, designers and photographers and the like. Hence, the Social Career, a NGO was established to

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