Help Me See 香港助視會

Seeing Technology

Volunteer Reporter: Rebecca Yim   Living in a developed and prosperous city, we are blessed with the benefits of convenience, entertainment and security making possible by all kinds of smart devices and apps every day.  Have you ever thought about those people living in developing countries demand technology for survival and health for more than we do?!   HelpMeSee is the global campaign to end blindness caused by cataract.  They apply technology to train and establish a sustainable scheme to solve this global eye health crisis.   Cataract is a very common eye disease.  The development of cataract is due

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The SC Top 10 Volunteer Opportunities – 2019 Week 01

Volunteer Translator: Heung Po Ki   Happy New Year! Have you set any new target in a new year? Is joining a volunteer work your target to be achieved in this year? Social Career volunteer service platform highly encourages you to participate in volunteer work in 2019 as not only you help the needy but you also gain a lot. However, if you are a novice, you may find it difficult to choose a suitable volunteer service. Therefore, starting in 2019, Social Career will introduce the top 10 of the most popular volunteer services so as to let you know which kind

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Doctor BB

Volunteer Translator: Ronald Fung   When we hear “doctor” and “volunteer”, maybe we can think of “Doctors without Borders”, a group of healers use their professional knowledge to provide obligatory medical service around the world where need help. Most people with no medical or health care related training will never think they can become a “volunteer doctor”.   Have you ever thought a baby can be a volunteer doctor? There is a TV program called “Volunteer Movement (義想天開)” with the latest episode “Baby Angel” broadcasted on 23 Dec (RTHK TV31). This story is based on an NGO’s service “Doctor BB” which

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Social Career organises Volunteer Day Award Ceremony and Carnival Promotes Cultural Diversity within Local Community

International Volunteer Day (IVD) mandated by the UN General Assembly, is held each year on 5 December. It is viewed as a unique chance for volunteers and organizations to celebrate their efforts, to share their values, and to promote their work among their communities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), United Nations agencies, government authorities and the private sector. In response to the IVD, Social Career, which is funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, held the Volunteer Day with Award Ceremony and Carnival (義工嘉許同樂日) at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza to recognize volunteers’ contribution to the community. Public can

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Social Career Volunteer Day 2018 – List of Awardees

In Arbitrary Order|以下所有獎項排名不分先後 Technology Pioneer for Volunteer Service (Top 5)|義工服務科技發展先鋒 (五強) Direction Association For The Handicapped 路向四肢傷殘人士協會 Haven of Hope Christian Service 基督教靈實協會 Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres 香港婦女中心協會 Hong Kong Playground Association 香港遊樂場協會 St. James' Settlement 聖雅各福群會   Volunteer’s Favourite NGO (Top 5)|社職義工最喜愛機構 (五強)   Books & Beyond Reading Club   CUBC Tuen Mun Integrated Children & Youth Service Centre 基督教協基會 Holistic SY 善園 KELY Support Group 啟勵扶青會 Methodist Centre Aldrich Bay Integrated Children & Youth Services 循道衛理中心 愛秩序灣綜合青少年服務     Top Recruiting Organization (Top 5)|最活躍招募機構(五強)   Feeding Hong Kong 樂餉社 Kids4Kids 童協基金會 Methodist Centre Aldrich Bay Integrated

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社職新劇推介 義想天開

New TV Show Recommendation – The Journey of Volunteering (義想天開)

Volunteer Translator: Poon Wai Lam Ida   What do we celebrate every December? Apart from the widely celebrated Christmas, the United Nations also celebrates the International Volunteer Day on December 5! As the saying goes, “Christmas is the time to love.” Even though we can volunteer on whatever day we desire, you cannot miss this chance during December to spread affection.   Since December is the National Volunteer Month, different volunteering organizations are working closer than ever to encourage people to volunteer. As an example, Social Career is going to organize the “Social Career Volunteer Day 2018” on December 2, 2:00

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