6 Unique Characteristics of the Jockey Club Community Channel

As the operating organisation of the Jockey Club Community Channel (jccc.hk), Social Career is excited to introduce 6 unique characteristics of jccc.hk to you all for making good use of the resources of this community channel!

1. What is the Jockey Club Community Channel (jccc.hk)?

jccc.hk is a comprehensive online publishing platform created and funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and operated by Social Career. The community channel allows NGOs and community partners to share the latest information and activities, as well as a wide range of digital resources with the public, ranging from e-learning materials and community information to leisure contents. All these contents are developed by creators from different backgrounds, from amateur to professional, to cater for readers of different interests.

2. What are the online features of jccc.hk?

The online features  of jccc.hk are divided into four major themes, including:

(1) Students and Parents – provides a series of online learning, STEM teaching materials and parent information;

(2) Art Lovers – provides information and teaching materials on art, culture and dance;

(3) Sports Lovers – provides a series of exercising tutorials and contents on different sports; and

(4) COVID-19 –provides the latest information about the pandemic so that we can fight the pandemic together with you while staying home.

The content is updated regularly to keep everyone abreast of the latest trends in the community. 

3. Is the online content of jccc.hk free of charge?

All the learning and teaching materials, health information as well as online culture and art information provided by jccc.hk are free  and easy to access.

4. Is jccc.hk suitable for everyone?

jccc.hk is suitable for everyone because the information on this platform is very diverse. Take parents as an example. During the pandemic, working parents have to deal with the newly imposed restrictions as well as school suspension of their children.  It is inevitable that some parents may feel pressured physically and mentally. Understanding the dilemma faced by parents, jccc.hk gathers learning materials and parent guides provided by non-governmental organisations and community organisations to support them in coping with the pandemic with their children. The relevant teaching materials and guides can be downloaded from jccc.hk.

In addition, teachers and social workers can also download the teaching kits through jccc.hk. Some of the teaching kits combine virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to enable primary and secondary school students to know more about culture and arts through diverse and interesting channels.

5. What information on jccc.hk is suitable for adults or the elderly?

The platform collects different information to encourage people at different ages to add value to themselves, and to read different articles according to their preferences. For example, you can find stress-relief methods and soup recipe to improve physical and mental wellbeing; you can also find different recreational information on the platform, such as Tai O Guide and Tai Kwun Guide, to learn more about Hong Kong characteristics.

6. What  are the differences between online sports resources in jccc.hk and those on  other sites?

jccc.hk provides a wide range of sports tutorial videos and content to encourage the public to keep exercising, maintain physical and mental health, and enhance immunity in times of pandemic. Some included remote guidance of local elite athletes to cultivate students’ interest in sports and encourage all to keep exercising during the pandemic.

Teachers, parents and students can also refer to teaching materials as well as demonstration videos to select suitable activities according to their abilities and physical conditions. –These included fitness activities to enhance cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility and muscle strength. With these activities, viewers can relieve stress and stay energetic. Parents can also engage in parent-child activities and games. Through these fun sports games, kids can participate more at-home exercises. This will allow them to have fun and enjoy the benefits of strengthening physical and mental health.