Committed to fighting against COVID-19 – Hand Sanitizer Sharing Scheme for Tenement Buildings in 18 Districts

The name of the “Build & Wish Volunteer Team” has a special meaning. First, the volunteer team hopes to “build” an ideal home environment for elderly living alone and people in need; Second, it hopes to bring “wish” and blessings through parent-child volunteers. Since its establishment in mid-2015, it has a number of projects, including “Optimized Home Furnishing”, “Second-hand Furniture Transfer Service”, “Bugs Control Service”, “Caring Drivers Programme” and “Little but sincere crowd funding”.

Since March 2020, the Build & Wish Volunteer Team has launched the project “Hand Sanitizer Sharing Scheme for Tenement Buildings in 18 Districts” during the peak of COVID-19. Aiming to provide free hand sanitizer for the grassroots, the volunteer team has installed hand sanitizer bottles in more than 1,900 tenement buildings to fight against COVID-19 among the neighbourhood.

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Hin, the chairman of Build & Wish Volunteer Team, said “At first, it was thought that the outbreak would reduce the number of volunteer jobs. However, we received more than 100,000 masks from various parties and we appointed social workers to give to those in need. In late February, when I was using the hand sanitizer provided by the apartment, I suddenly think of those residents in the tenement buildings and they are not as lucky as me.”

Therefore, Hin contacted companies which donated hand sanitizer earlier and charity fund. Although there were many concerns during the process, fortunately, the entire plan was successfully implemented. Even though there were hand sanitizer bottles (7 out of 1,000 bottles) disappeared, the volunteers still insisted to install it again so that the neighbourhood could keep using it.

Guk, the Deputy Director of Build & Wish Volunteer Team,  said “The Hand Sanitizer Sharing Scheme can fill the service gap as to provide appropriate help to people in need in the society. Even if the epidemic will be mitigated, all of us must maintain personal hygiene in the daily life. Thus, hand sanitizer can play a certain role.” The target tenement buildings are mainly located in the grass-roots community without any security services. Guk can still remember when the volunteers installed the hand sanitizer bottle, an old lady said, “I have been waiting for you for a long time!” The volunteers were immediately inspired and formed a strong sense of responsibility, thereby encouraging them to keep installing for the others.

At present, the project has recruited more than 1,000 volunteers through various channels, including Social Career and social worker groups, church groups and volunteer groups etc.. The volunteers have been deployed in a group of three with the concept of “mutual assistance in the same district”, which encourages them to contribute to their own community. In order to let volunteers to finish the installation of the hand sanitizer bottles successfully,  one of the volunteers even made a demonstration video in person including the installation method, process and precautions.

Apart from the help of sponsors and a large number of installation volunteers, neighbourhood volunteers also play an important role in the project. Every tenement building has a neighbourhood volunteer who gets 1L of hand sanitizer, so that they can refill the bottle in every 2-3 days. However, the 1L refills will be used up one day. Therefore, the volunteer team cooperates with 138 Cha Chaan Teng as “Cheer Up Station”. Each station is responsible for serving 20 buildings. At the same time, neighbourhood volunteers can go to the Cheer Up Station to refill the hand sanitiser, and therefore the whole plan can be carried out smoothly.

A thank-you card next to the hand sanitizer bottle to thank neighbourhood volunteers for their help (Photo source: Build & Wish Volunteer Team)

Hin said, “I sincerely thank the important partners of this project, including “Footprint Volunteer Team”, “Social Career”, “Hong Kong Church Network for the Poor”, “TY Caring Foundation” and “DIY Volunteer Team”. The project can only be implemented with their strong support.” Most importantly, the Build & Wish Volunteer Team believes that when planning every new project, there are many reasons why it can’t be done, but there is only one reason to succeed: “Plan and Work Together, Act with Caution, and Do the Best!”

If you want know to more about the projects by Build & Wish, you are welcomed to watch the video below (Only in Cantonese):