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Professional Volunteers – A Strong Benevolent Boost to Our Workforce

In their highly passionate interest to serve those in need our volunteers devote their time, energy and their specialties to help the underprivileged. Now in Hong Kong, more and more volunteers committedly adopt such a means of social contribution. And, many regard it as their second career. Such endeavour not only enhances their self-esteem and values but also expand their social circles. By the same token, many non-government
organisations (NGOs), now, are also seeking a wider range of professional volunteers such as physiotherapists, wheelchair technicians, designers and photographers and the like. Hence, the Social Career, a NGO was established to provide a volunteer service-matching service via its app and website.


Igniting a second career

“Before the establishment of Social Career, we operated a neighbourhood connection platform to provide services and resources for seniors who lived in the districts,” says Matthew Tam, Co-Founder and CEO of Social
Career. “Many NGOs asked for our support to recruit volunteers and many people, who were passionate about becoming volunteers, would also like to seek more opportunities.” In accordance, Tam set up the Social Career in 2015 to help encourage Hong Kong citizens to act as volunteers. “Many people have already become long-term volunteers. They even consider their services as a second career.”


Tam believes that mobile apps and websites are the best platforms for volunteer job matching. “After collecting valuable data such as the service types that the volunteers were searching for, as well as how much time they spent browsing our app, plus the NGOs, locations and periods they worked before, etc., we use ‘Machine Learning’ to do data analysis,” says he. “It helps sending out on-target service information to meet the needs of both NGOs and volunteers.”


Pairing NGOs and volunteers

Social Career has achieved a great deal of success in pairing up more than 10,000 volunteer opportunities with respective NGOs in the first quarter this year.


“Many NGOs and volunteers are very happy with the matching,” says Tam. “Some NGOs have even recruited professional people like photographers and designers contributing their volunteer services.”


Tam expects his platform will keep motivate more people to join and provide volunteer services. Now he plans to expand the operation to Macau, Singapore and Australia to further the development of volunteer services.


Article from: Newsletter of Hope of Haven (May 2019)