INSPIRING STORIES: Mr. Reeve Kwan – Co-founder of GOGOVAN

Volunteer Translator: Aileen Ip


What social issues do you concern or is there any specific service target groups?


We concerned the needs of the grassroots households and animal issues, there is a company campaign called GOGOGOODNESS which includes various CSR* projects, such as second-hand furniture delivery and recycling service for the needy. During our daily delivery service, we indeed discovered that loads of unwanted furniture from the people who move home are still in good condition. We do not waste those resources and therefore donate to the needy families.


We co-operate with different non-profit organizations like Crossroads Foundation and send the collected furniture to their office for further distribution to those needy families. We also partnered with The Hong Kong Council of Social Service. They connected with many grassroots families through their other services and most of these families face difficulties affording basic living expenses. We provide free delivery and home moving service to alleviate their financial burden and show them that we care.


Would you like to share more on your company CSR projects?


Apart from the above-mentioned initiatives co-organized with Crossroads and The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, we have also actively participated in animal welfare related projects. We have co-operated with Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR) and providing a free ride to the adopters’ home from their shelter to encourage people to adopt abandoned animals. In addition, we also take part in a charity event hosted by The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). We built a designed maze playground for little dogs to let the public to interact with dogs and raise their awareness through these interesting activities.


We also involved in food recycling campaigns as we noticed many restaurant chains and hotel groups often have a lot of edible surplus food left on the banquet tables. We co-operated with Feeding Hong Kong to collect and deliver those surplus foods to their center immediately so that they can rescue food items and turn them into hot meals for needy as free breakfast and lunch the next day and reduce waste.


What is your interpretation of “Social Career”?


We are aware of many NGOs using the platform of Social Career for volunteer recruitment and many people have registered to be volunteers as well. I like the Social CV function which can keep your volunteering record clearly with aggregated all services organized by different NGOs or the CSR programs of your company. This is a thorough record other than conventional presentation of certificates. It witnesses volunteers’ own milestone of volunteering. We deeply believe that Social Career can help volunteers gaining more sense of achievement when helping society.


How about your personal volunteering experience?

I enjoy volunteering and I have been helped Lifeline Express as a charity donation hotline volunteer, to take phone calls from donors. I also take care of dogs as kennel keepers in SPCA. Volunteering makes us feel good and improving life and emotional health. Although your contribution is very small, the satisfaction you receive is unexpected.


Encouragement of the public to engage in Voluntary service

There are a lot of problems faced by less privileged families that need our help. I hope that everyone can just squeeze a bit of your time, putting down the work on hand and try to realize people and affairs around you. It is a very good deed to help those needy whenever you can. Together with our small effort and contribution would make great encouragement and support in the beneficiary’s life.


*CSR:Corporate Social Responsibility