INSPIRING STORIES : Jumbo Tsang (Hong Kong Actress)

Volunteer Translator: Wilber Luk/ Shannon Au Yeung


As a public figure, how can your profession bring impact to volunteerism?

I believe everyone can also do it. It’s just public figure can easily motivate more people. For example, those who follow my social platform will notice my daily activities, so as my voluntary works. I hope to create a snowball effect. If two out of my hundred followers take action after reading the post, the two of them can draw more attention in their personal groups. Eventually, more people can be motivated to do voluntary work. This can create a strong impact in promoting voluntarism through the social circle.

What are your concerned social issue or service target

I care more about the elderly and medical issues. As my family members encounter some health conditions and I have been using public health care services. I notice that such resources are scarce, especially the Accident and Emergency Department is fully occupied everyday. Once, I brought my dad to the hospital and I witnessed how the staff added extra bed for my father in a ward that had been crowded with ten beds. People who seldom visit hospital may not notice the seriousness of insufficient medical resources. Seeing news coverage may not be able to feel its necessity. Only for those who have encountered can understand it. Fortunately, there will be new hospital in the proximity of the former Kai Tak Airport. I hope the building can be ready as soon as possible.

Do you do volunteer works with your friends?

My friends who are not working in the entertainment industry are more likely to participate regularly, while it is harder to date my friends in this industry to join voluntary work as their schedule is more uncertain. Nevertheless, my friends and I still try to do volunteer work when we have time.

Your understanding about Social Career


Social Career has a website and a mobile app that can help general public to learn about civic obligation. People can learn different types of charity groups before signing up for the voluntary activities that they are interested in. I used to learn about voluntary activities from my friend, Facebook or instagram. Now, Social Career provides a new channel with more alternatives and it is a very good platform.

Volunteer Experience

The last time I did volunteer work was at the end of last year. I brought a group of intellectually disabled kids to Science Museum for a Mummy Exhibition. Their family members also came along with us during this event. Through the conversation, I learned that they don’t normally have the opportunity to go out because their family members need to spare a lot of time to take care them and it’s quite a big burden on them.
The girl I was taking care of is called Yan Tze. Although she didn’t speak fluently, we were still able to communicate. The only thing they need more than the others are the extra care. Seeing these parents spending a lot of time on their kids reminds me of my mother and the power of mother’s love. I also realize that we shouldn’t take things for granted and we need to cherish the things we have.


Jumbo call to action

With the Social Career App, just look for and download the information of your favourable voluntary works.


Call to action, what Jumbo will do

I am fancy in running and I hope to run together with everyone. Who will be interested?