INSPIRING STORIES: Vince Ng Ka-him (Former Principal Sports Reporter, TVB)

Volunteer Translator: Wilbert Luk/ Shannon Au Yeung


What are your concerned social issue or service target

Education and youth services are my prior concern as education has a strong impact on teenagers who are the future of the society. I also care about the minority groups. For instance, I previously cooperated with the Hong Kong AIDS Foundation and helped promote anti-discrimination in their events. Besides,I have played basketball with people who are suffering from disability such as hearing or visual impairment. Through this event, I learned that they are going through a lot of difficulties in their daily lives. When we play basketball, we would usually yell “Run! Run! Run!”. But for people with disabilities, they have another way of communication. This skill is difficult. And they are using this specific set of skills in sports. Through these events, I’ve learned the difficulties they face. I hope that there are more people that can give a helping hand


Volunteer experience

I try to arouse public attention through reporting stories of the minority groups. For example, in the paralympic games, Hong Kong athletes do very well, but it didn’t received much attention. Therefore, with my capability, I really hope that my channel can cover more of this topic. Apart from that, I make good use of the social media to help bring up topic like this. Mainstream media coverage is very limited, but the internet world is limitless and don’t have much constraints. This would be a good opportunity, a better platform to achieve this, so I really want to make good use of it and share with friends from world wide.


Your understanding about Social Career

Social Career is a platform that assemble NGOs and charity groups. It consolidates all sorts of information. As we all are all aware that resources from charity bodies are limited; meanwhile, it requires strong effort in promotion. Hence, Social Career is a platform that gather all information. It can easily connect with the public and benefit the society.

How can your job bring impact to voluntary work?

As a journalist, I believe it is my obligation to share the story of those in need to the public, so that the general public can be more aware of these issues and help these people.

Call to action

I will encourage and urge everyone for social service and help the minority groups. Know more, Understand more.